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OK, this is where I’m supposed to tell you a bit about me…always a challenge, right?3 bikes

Let’s start with why you’re here…you have an interest in, a hobby in, or you’re just completely obsessed with mountain biking. Me, too! And, ultimately, that’s what this site is ALL about; so bear with me as I ramble about me for a minute.

I started riding mountain bikes in 1998. At the time, I was just starting out in the incredibly fast-paced & stressful telecommunications industry; and I needed an outlet. Living in North Metro Atlanta, I didn’t need to look far to find the North Georgia mountains and all they had to offer someone looking for exercise & adventure. After a few months of hiking in the Amicalola Falls area with the hound (Maverick), I realized I was really enjoying the hiking but wanted to find something a little more “exciting.”

So, in line with my inclination to go big or go home, I went out and bought a Gary Fisher hoo koo e koo front suspension bike. That’s when it all started for me…every weekend I could steal away, I was riding the trails somewhere in North Georgia. And yes, Maverick was still right there with me…that hound would have made one hell of an athlete!

Unfortunately, relocating to Las Vegas with my career a few years later, and a series of relocations to Dallas and ultimately NE Florida, resulted in the hoo koo e koo seeing much more time hanging from the garage ceiling than on the trails. Not surprising, it also resulted in some serious weight gain. By the time I finally settled in in Florida, I had grown to 255 lbs! 🙁

After a few years in FL, and extreme issues with the overweight dude I had to look at in the mirror every morning, it was time to get back on the bike; however, I needed to change my horse to allow me to mix it up a bit and focus on fitness versus fun. So, I purchased a Specialized Crosstrail and began to pile up the miles. It didn’t take long to find my love for biking again. About 12-14 months after getting back in the saddle, I also found myself 65 lbs lighter and able to tie my shoes again without getting out of breath! 🙂

My story comes full circle in 2016, where after 18 years, I made my way back to the North Atlanta suburbs. Now that I’m back home, back in great physical shape, and working on a second career with much less travel and stress, it was time to hit the North Georgia singletracks again. However, this time around, the bike investment looks like it’s going to be significantly greater; and after much deliberation, I settled on the Scott Genius 710 Plus. I absolutely love the Twin Loc technology!! The Scott has proven an excellent choice and perfect for the diversity of the N. Georgia and North Carolina area trails I frequent.

I’m off and riding again; and as of this writing, I’m averaging just over 150 trail miles a month as I sneak out every chance I get to explore my renewed passion for mountain biking! And, I hope that by sharing some of my adventures, thoughts, and insights; I can inspire you to get out and experience all that mountain biking has to offer.

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See you on the trails!